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Al Jazeera America
Jan 23, 2014 3:00am EST
time. the results are ugly. >> well, the united nations says more peacekeepers are urgently needed in the central african republ republic. nearly 1 million people are displaced, half of them are children. it adds, there are as many as 6,000 children and car are associated with armed groups and half the country's population has been affected by the violence. there are some signs of hope in the central african republic. later on thursday we should see catherine samba-panza sworn in as the transitional president. she was appointed by the interim parliament this week. to other news and ukraine's opposition has issued an ultimatum to the president to call an election more than 24 hours and face more confrontations. these are live pictures where protesters have been camping out. two protesters are confirmed dead after demonstrators fought with riot police. activists say the death toll is higher. our correspondent joins us from kiev and worrying developments within the deaths of protesters. are the demonstrators being affected by those deaths? >> well, elizabeth, there was a clear rise in th
Al Jazeera America
Jan 23, 2014 5:00am EST
been more public executions. yesterday the united nations human rights council sent out a statement criticising iran's human rights behaviour. mr hassan rouhani, and his camp, and those encouraged by his election and iran's rules are saying, "let's get the financial situation straight eped out first, and slowly by slowly we can attend to the social and political problems that are in iran. >> how long will it take if investment does start, serious investment starts. how long will it take for western companies to get a proper foothold again in iran, and for that to benefit the iranian people? >> at this first stage of this agreement, iran will have access to between 4.2 to $6 billion. and it will come in tranches. we won't see suddenly, although there is a lot of interest from the western companies specifically from the oil companies, from the insurance companies, reinsurance, to get back to iran. they are setting the stage. there has to be agreements and a set of laws, new regulations that have to be set up that will encourage these companies to go back. iran is also from an environm
Al Jazeera America
Jan 16, 2014 1:00pm EST
members of the united nations are expecting them to do so, and we expect a decision on that matter possibly on friday when they meet. >> yes, stay there for just a second, because we'll hear from a representative of the snc. >> they need to make it very clear to the rest of the world where they stand. we need to start from the same points, and that's the reason that iran was not invited. now we ask the assad regime to say we accept this and that, and then we can look at the allies and say, okay, but the assad is rejecting those principles before geneva. we need them to force them to accept all of the elements or it will be a waste of time. >> that is the coalitions response. what has been the thoughts where you are at the united nations, which of course is trying to put all of this together? >> well, al jazeera has heard from diplomats off of the record that they will concerned about the tenor of this record. on the record the french ambassador was just speaking and asked about this, and he reiterated the point that the permanent five members have been in agreement that geneva 1 wo
Jan 20, 2014 5:30am PST
matter. well first of all this reaction is not defined at all. the united nations and the patient is actually what is the one thing at this point. but with a very risky move by the un the ferry national coalition has made it bears down on the lawn is very clear over and over again. i mean a position on the wrong depending upon them during the evening. by the bnp spokesperson following their political committee meeting hope your weekend and it was a kid that was the unanimous decision by the coalition. so this is not a surprise at all and silk and that the opposition is under huge pressure from the west but dissipated you see it as amusing airlines imitation as an excuse. it. i don't believe it to be an excuse for the hearing national coalition on the contrary i think it'd be united nations report that he and the difficult position yes the united nations chief office that he had assurances from iraq's foreign minister to their respective i would play a constructive role. yes that is part of it is a daring states. i mean if he didn't see any nodded. they don't want clear declaration
Jan 16, 2014 10:00am PST
students got some practice in the art of diplomacy at a model united nations conference this week where they tackled various global challenges like pros. chino gill was there to witness the future leaders in action the model united nations conference was held in was told thursday to discuss some of the walls most pressing issues of hunger access education and climate change each part is represents a country of their own agenda on the table for discussion the walls federation of united nations association has preferred this program to give young people the opportunity to explore global challenges the forum iv the names to give you an opportunity to learn more to get inspired. i'm doing. so why is this view is unnecessary to me. just to post pre students have gone through one week of training led by professionals from the two national brands the sins and heals academia and other relevant fields through their participation in this program and in mali united nations. students have learned about the united nations and its work in sustainable development in achieving the end of poverty wasted
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 12:00pm EST
. >> the upcoming syrian peace talks now uncertain after the united nations invites iran to participate over objections. some relief from sanctions on iran as u.s. honors it's nuclear agreement. >>> and reports of last month's suicide-bombers, and they promise more attacks. >> if it is necessary, we are willing and must be willing to go to the jail by the powers of alabama. [ cheering ] >> the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. and the ripple effects still being felt today. >> there are concerns today that this week's scheduled syrian peace talks may be over before they begin. the united nations has now invited iran to that conference in geneva. syrian opposition group say that is a non-starter and they're threatening to pull out of the talks unless the u.n. unininvites iran by the day's end. john, ban ki-moon's visitation n to iran. >> it has broken out in a spat at the united nations here on the east side of manhattan and state department and it's all over an invitation from the secretary general ban ki-moon, who has invited the iranians to the geneva peace talk
Jan 19, 2014 2:00pm PST
kno north korea. >>> united nations committee has rocked the nation. >> it was a highly unusual hearing there is quote no excuse for child sex abuse. the un panel on the rights of geneva talking about what kind of sanctions are imposed on priests. they were also asked about what is being down to transfer to cover up abuses. reaction from the catholic community has been mixed. the fact that the vatican was going to act. the catholic church has explained himself. it gives them the impression that it is on going. our problems are behind us. i'm concerned about feeding a stereotype. one vatican official ensured the panel that the issue is a priority pope francis told a senior official that the due proceedi proceedings feel guilty since march. >> coming up, actor author activist and social media s sensation talk about their newest project. stick around. ♪ humans -- even when we cross our "t's" and dot our "i's," we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness with our auto policies. if you qualify, your rates won't go up due to your first
Al Jazeera America
Jan 22, 2014 3:00am EST
united nations chief opening the geneva ii peace commence on syria, saying that the challenges are formidable. that the preps, the notable presence of the syrian government raises hope. diplomatic editor james bays has been listening to the conference. again, ban ki-moon reiterating that this is not just about syria or the region, that the world has, in fact, been divided by the conflict. >> yes, that is true. because if you look at the record on syria around that most important world decision-making body, the u.n. security council, you see that nearly all the time in the period of the conflict, which has almost come to the three year mark, there has been division. there's only one rare moment. the only positive bit you can see ward to the syria file. it is making progress, although slow progress as they have removed a small part of the chemical weapons in syria, and that operation is under way. this is a conference, the idea of this conference is, as he said, to save syria. we are listening to the words of the president of switzerland. it is the venue for this. it was in geneva in
Jan 20, 2014 2:30pm PST
globe. tonight, the united nations has withdrawn an invitation to iran to attend the syria peace talks. it comes less than 24 hours after the offer was extended. it follows a statement by tehran that it was unwilling to accept a deal involving a political transition in syria. >> 100 thousand dead. half the population needing humanitarian aid. the regime and opposition accepted the un's plea for talks. then it all nearly unraveled. the u.n. invited iran, and the opposition threatened to boycott. showirst, iran needs to good faith. i believe in the political process. i believe in peace. >> the u.n. withdrew its invitation. ban ki-moon's spokesman accused the iranians of acting in bad faith. likes the secretary-general is deeply disappointed by iranian public statements today. they are not at all consistent with the stated commitment. >> the u.s. and britain say iran has to declare support for a transfer of power in syria. we have no problem in principle of iran attending, it has to be the same basis as all of the rest of us, to implement -genev president assada i. >> made clear he
Al Jazeera America
Jan 21, 2014 3:00am EST
its word, and that is why the united nations says it's not welcome. >> the secretary-general is disappointed by iranian public statements that are not at all consistent with the stated commitment. he urges iran to join the global consensus behind the geneva communique. >> 24 hours earlier secretly bank ki bank ki mooninvited russian to attend. >> when it comes to iran, it must be clear to everybody that any participation in geneva ii is conditional to the explicit acceptance of the mant date laid down -- mandate laid down. >> if they are to attend it is vital that the iranian government confirm publicly and clearly that they share this understanding. iran refused. russia said it would be a mistake not to include them. >> australia... . >> translation: among the countries invited are australia, mexico, brazil, indonesia and others. if there's no iran in this list. i think the peace talks about resemble hip oblige rahsy. u.n. officials hope iran -- bank ki mon was forced to acknowledge there would be no agreement if the opposition failed to show up to the talks. >> let's show you
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 8:00pm EST
siegenthaler in new york. iran uninvited after pressure from the us. the united nations does a 180. at the same time, sanctions ease. the u.s. and europeans take some of the economic pressure off of iran after that country begins to unplug some of its nuclear programs. >> do you drink the water? >> occasionally. >> reaction to west virginia's coal mine chemical spill puts the governor in the spotlight. >>> plus the legacy of dr. martin luther king, the celebrations of his life across the country, as americans keep his dream alive. ♪ >>> and we begin tonight with a diplomatic drama over talks to end syria's civil war. the question, who should be invited to participate in those talks? the answer from the united nations today, not iran. here is how it unfolded. the u.s. said iran should not participate unless the iranians agreed to certain conditions. iran refused, and the un withdrew his invitation. john terrett joins us tonight from the ushsn. why did the un make this decision? >> what a day of draw, john. it all goes back to yesterday, sunday when ban ki-moon extended the list to
Al Jazeera America
Jan 18, 2014 5:00am EST
around the world. regardless of their nationality should know that the united states is not spying on ordinary people who don't threaten our national security. >> for americans there are few changes. if the federal bureau of investigation wants to contact my credit card company. they may have to tell me they have done that. when it comes to cell phone records, they have to store the data but they might have to keep it outside the government. if they search the records they'll ask a court, a court this didn't reject a request in 2012. for many outside of the white house, it is not enough. >> he didn't go far enough or embrace all the recommendations that his review group made. he took a narrow tack. >> before the criticism, the president sounded a defensive tone. >> no one expect china to have an open debate about the surveillance programs, or russia to take privacy concerns of citizens in other places into act. >> the debate is not over. congress has to approve the changes and may go further than the president. and the supreme court still has to decide if the domestic spy is consti
Jan 21, 2014 5:00pm EST
, the united nations, we have the world economic forum in doubles os taking place. is the infrastructure capable of dealing with all these issues simultaneously? >> i think the evidence is that we are not dealing with them in the kind of comprehensive, preemptive, print -- preventative way. bedoes it mean you have to more specific earlier and you have to be willing to take smaller steps? >> yes to both, although some steps need to be big steps. i think the of the structure you talk about is probably about with united nations can do, probably what agencies can do. although we have responses, too often they are not getting to the root of the problem. >> i want to thank you very much. david miliband, executive of the irc. this is "taking stock." ♪ >> this is "taking stock." i am pimm fox. i want to go to my radio cohost carol massar. question on the and and on reported 2014 -- >> johnson & johnson reported 2014 earning estimates that came in lower than estimates. they will try to save $1 billion for the next three years through consolidation. verizon said it is responding t
Jan 21, 2014 11:00am PST
. united nations secretary general want to move on to you or twenty per week through a copper wire frame to attend syria peace negotiations after tehran declared it does not support the june two thousand and twelve political transition beyond that is the basis for that all been said earlier the diagrams statement that he did not support the two thousand and twelve gb big deal calling for a transitional government for syria was not consistent with adjourned to give been given by iran's foreign minister muhammad job on the reef the peace talks due to be held in switzerland are being billed as the biggest diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving serious civil war iran's participation has always been a contentious issue the united states and saudi arabia strongly of poems tehran's involvement without its acceptance of the geneva communique united nations has long said. i planted the seed at the table by . i knew the routine use of june more. the mean machine each topic. most of them are in china. brandon were determined and determine if your more years yet on sunday. i don't see them rais
Al Jazeera America
Jan 22, 2014 1:00pm EST
united nations, human rights groups called for an investigation if into this. this is a significant step, and kerry raising that and talking about those photos, as we just saw are absolutely horrific. we'll put the ball forward on this. we'll put more pressure on president bashar al-assad and the things he is alleged to have done to these protesters. this just goes on with what kerry is trying to do. he's trying to create an international consensus to isolate assad, and this rhetoric, and saying what assad is and calling assad a war criminal. it goes to show how much the u.s. is trying to isolate him and step up the game, if you will, for lack of any military pressure on assad, trying to create more political pressure and legal pressure on assad. if the u.n. does go forward with that investigation we can be sure we'll be talking about these allegations of torture, whether or not they're true or not, but the fact that we were talking about them, that means that will isolate assad, more people will see him in a certain way, and that's exactly what the u.s. is trying to do, trying to g
Al Jazeera America
Jan 17, 2014 10:00am EST
months. the united nations is warning the international community to act now to avoid a genocide in central african republican. the violence has displayed more than a million people, some seeking refuge at the bangei international airport. >> reporter: welcome to the airport where some of the people are in power are in a real juxtaposition. an american plane taxis in. on board the first contingent of rwanda soldiers. they have a reputation of some of africas toughest soldiers, but the peace keeping force appears far too small for the task at hand. on the other side of the fence, the aid is beginning to flow. in this camp everyone is christian, driven by their homes by the muslim-lead selica militia. the real challenge is to convince people to go home, and we're not seeing significant signs that that is happening yet. for now, these people feel it's simply too dapg rows for them to return to their neighborhoods. better toly here in squaller than to be shot? their own homes. >> conditions here are deplorable. this is not a -- a good healthy environment, particularly for the children t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 2:00pm EST
-face with the united nations concerning iran in the syrian peace talks. the u.n. now expects the u.s. to withdraw the are invitation to iran, expected to begin wednesday. john tret is in iran and ban ki-moon's invitation causing controversy. >> that's putting it mildly. backed by other governments around the world, u.s. including britain and saudi arabia, very unhappy that the secretary-general of the u.n, ban ki-moon, has invited iran to peace talks on wednesday. promised that they will come with a positive attitude, no preconditions but the united states has said look they haven't publicly signed up with the communique of geneva 1 that these talks will create a icial traditional national governmen government -- transitional interim government. here is the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. samantha power. >> as of this morning, iran has still to demonstrate its willingness to explicitly and publiclpubliclypublicly subscrie communique. that is a minimum are are prerequisite to the process. >> he speaks for the the russian administration and he puts the other view. he says tehera
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 10:00pm EST
participation. >> the national coalition welcomes the decision of the secretary-general of the united nations. >> a video released over the weekend repeats a threat against the upcoming olympic games in soichy. >> what are the threats, who do we need to worry about? >> i don't think i would send my family. >> we begin with allegations of political payback and bullying by embattled governor chris christie. a mayor of hoboken claims that christy planned to withhold aid to her city if she goodnight -- did not approve a project. >> i remember saying i received a direct threat from the governor of the state of new jersey. the lieutenant governor came to hoboken and said "i know it's not rite, i know it shouldn't be connected and if you tell anyone, i'll deny it." >> the allegation was denied. >> mayor zimmer's version of our conversation in may of 2013 is not only false, but is illogical and does not withstand scrutiny when all of the facts are examined. any suggestion that sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in new jersey is completely false. >> we are joined by chris inkle. he is the
Jan 19, 2014 12:30pm PST
. as compost united nations sanctions which before my break. back then there was more to open the mantra for people to portland to its civil society group. then there is no seems very conscious that theory to live with if you're going to be part of the station like this or other activists so i think. maybe in those days immediately after the second world war was a very strong push in some countries are a number of countries. to support the idea of the pickle ball into teague would not prevent us from future wars. support strengthening our job on all the documents. it's true i'm in some organizations local darwin admission another deal going on. i'm a very small regard to the states. know ye people of both more cautious now but the same time asking them what the kids some people can just put some on each organization. i want to work for children i will support whatever item of lights with the mindset that this was more competition on many many more details. i looked through some of your documents in a scene like you so with that you communicate with the or how you set up with other
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 12:00pm EST
of a separate report out of the united nations due out tomorrow. >> reporter: peter saunders was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his catholic priest at school, so was his brother mike. peter runs an organization helping other survivors. >> most survivors are not particularly interested in compensation. they are interested in seeing change. they are interested in knowing that what .hahhed to them is not going to happen to future generations. having said that, compensation, i think is entirely appropriate, when it comes to people whose life -- whose childhoods have been stolen. >> reporter: the vatican has a new pope. he's popular and he has made some big promises. he wants openness and a new transparency even on this toxic issue. he set up a new committee of its own to look into it. thursday's appearance before the un is overdue, the extent to which they engage seriously with the un will be a test of francis's papacy and whether he can deliver on the issue of sexual abuse and allegations of cover up. a new report details how widespread the abuse has been. the authors have l
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 5:00pm EST
>> this is al jazeera america. i'm tony. >> tomorrow the vatican sits down with the united nations to discuss the decision of child abuse i in the catholic church. >>> the budgets bill spending bill passed, and now the bill moves to the senate for a vote later this week. >>> president obama is in raleigh, north carolina, where he unveiled th the economy. >>> the report on the attack of bengahzi could have been prevented. security officials ignored warnings about threats to american personnel. the ambassador to libya was one of those killed in the attack. >>> and the united states is renewing the image to help syrians affected by the war. the united nations said $2.4 billion has been raised so far. those are the headlines. i'm tony harris. those are the headlines for this news hour. inside story is next for al jazeera america. >> riding on that information super highway. it turns out there are fast and slow lanes. new rules which means you may have to pay for the quickest ride on inside story. hello, i'm ray suarez. put a plug in a wall socket. electricity powers and appliance. there i
Jan 20, 2014 6:30pm PST
united nations stuff and the imf still it is indeed even a contest on the monitor thirteen fourteen is good the victims included americans britons and canadians. it didn't strike is seen as an aid to the scene to the need to insights last week. it is getting the gun back to him between insurgents and american forces before said innovative things to bob's son of god comes down to secure the t cullen said the tuesday by president common sight on sunday up useful intelligence services are being behind the date the attack. the mystery surrounding the death of sin and the push that the wife of india's junior education minister shashi two seems to be deepening. the autopsy with water for skywest the magic of the magistrate on monday don't assign me to sign on the push. it looks less obtuse the magistrates on tuesday and in knots and afternoon daily the management team hundred of the presence of god in which hezbollah. my name's not asking you these in portland. on sunday it had however and fondue is often hard to get this in drug overdose off which might appear. the stm to assist in court. f
Al Jazeera America
Jan 22, 2014 12:30pm EST
have seen assembled in one room at anytime other than at the united nations itself, a very significant gathering of ministers who took the time to come, and all suggest together how this must end; that it has to have an inclusive syria, where every citizen can live in dignity, lead by a government that the people of syria empower with their consent. so the fact that 40 countries and organizations came here from near and far, from asia, from south central asia, from europe, america, from the north american can't tent, from latin america, africa, north and south, all came, united in support of the syrian people, in support of their hopes for the future of syria, and in support of the geneva communique which does one thing that is of great significance. it recognizes that a political transition is the only way to go, and that the political transition required under geneva 12 is a transition government with full executive authority by mutual consent. every entity here today with one exception talked about that, and embraced the geneva 1 communique. it is significant that all of
Jan 21, 2014 10:00am EST
solutions. excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, i hope you will empower the united nations itself. this global organization should not have to plead with governments for troops, police, assets or resources while the victims of war and poverty die. the united nations must be able to forge more productive partnerships with the civil society, the private sector and other key development actors. i solely believe in the value of managed mobility so that our dedicated staff can bring their great talents to bear with even greater impact. i urge you to approve these two critical proposals at your resumed session in march. as chief administrative officer of the united nations, i am determined to make the secretariat truly global, modern and effective. i look forward to continuing our efforts for a more efficient global and dynamic united nations. will be deployed more widely next year, the next major step in the transformation of our organization. ladies and gentlemen, this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the first word -- world war. this senseless -- [inaudible] led to t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 1:30am EST
alone. >> the united nations estimates that meat consumption will rise nearly 75% by 2050. the rising trend has risen a nut meat alternative. hoping to ease our reliance. here in el segundo california, it is the headquarters of a startup with ambitions that are anything but small. >> they had sort of a calling internally to do something about, welfare component to the climate change component to three, human health. >> ethan brown is the ceo of beyond meat. fully started looking at technoy where you could go beyond meat, it would be all plant matter. we are taking protein through plants, instead of running it through the industrial livestock situation, we are running it through a process that is truly reminiscent to meat. unique? >> it is the beauty of this fibrous structure. i'm not saying we're there yet, maybe 80% of the way there but we're definitely not going to stop until you order chicken breast and our product and say, i can't tell the different difference. >> for aring tofu and veggie based products have seemed to satisfy but not the alternative. but none has seemed to satisf
FOX News
Jan 19, 2014 7:00am PST
of the united nations, unicef. >> to the battle against al qaeda, linked militants in iraq, the military and tribal militias are launching offenses in the western anvar province. they are controlling more territory as they wage the series of bloody attacks. it's so desperate that the government is appealing for more advanced weapons from the united states. you may remember the incredible sacrifices. who can forget what our troops did in liberating anvar early on in the iraq war. they may be getting back in. >> staying in the middle east, tomorrow is the deadline to deal with iran. it is a pivotal moment. 24 hours from now. they reached as you know with the u.s. and other power. the team from the un's watch dog, they are on the ground in iran right now. they are getting ready to make sure that tehran lives up to their side of the bargain. this deal already faces a lot of skepticism. there is a push for new sanctions if iran does not uphold the agreement. the other issue, growing demands to see the fine print over what was agreed to in the first place. joining us now as he does ev
Al Jazeera America
Jan 17, 2014 3:00am EST
russian counterpart. they're expected to hold a press conference shortly. >>> the united nations is warning to act now to avoid a genocide in center african republic. more than a thousand people were killed last month in attacks against rival groups. >>> and rahul gandhi will run for congress. several opinion polls predict defeat. >>> an u.n. human rights officer has told al jazeera that parts of south sudan have been reduced to ghost towns. thousands have died in weeks of fighting between government forces and rebels loyal to former vice president riek machar. >> i can confirm that both sides were involved with atrocities, and they're punishable under international law. there certainly would be differences in atrocities, but again, i'm just returning from beniu and bor. they are ghost towns. bentiu, there is no bentiu any more. when we were passing by we were passing by unburied bodies, and just driving from bentiu, we saw 15 to 20 bodies. we didn't go look into houses. we didn't look for bodies but they are there. >> well, the violence has forced thousands to flee. aid works say 8
Jan 15, 2014 5:00am PST
competitive. >>> the head of the united nations is trying to raise billions of dollars to help those suffering because of the syrian civil war. secretary-general ban ki-moon is hosting a humanitarian donor conference in kuwait. representatives from 60 countries are attending the meeting. ban mentioned a report on famine in syria in his opening remarks. he says the whole world needs to tacking the crisis not just in the middle east. ban wants to raise $6.5 billion in aid this year. that's the largest annual amount the u.n. has tried to collect for a single humanitarian crisis. kuwait has promised $500 million. the united states has pledged $380 million. u.n. officials will follow up this conference by hosting international peace talks next week in switzerland. they're trying to bring delegates from the syrian government and opposition forces to the negotiating table. >>> lawyers and human rights advocates have asked the international criminal court to investigate alleged abuses by british forces during the iraq war. they're demanding prosecution of britain's former defense secretary,
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 2:00am EST
peace talks are thrown into uncertainty after the united nations unexpectedly invites iran to participate, despite u.s. objections. >> the president of ukraine calls for talks with opposition leaders after clashes across kiev between protesters and police. after more than two years of sleep in pace, europe's rosetta probe is waking up for an outside of this world position - it will attempt to trace down and land on a comet. >> it's a free play. into the end zone... >> and the super bowl is set. the n.f.l.'s top two teams, the dongo, and the seattle seahawks punched their games into the big apple. >> hi there everyone, and welcome to al jazeera. i'm thomas drayton. we begin with the upcoming syrian peace talks, in danger of ending before they start. on sunday the united nations invited iran to participate in the conference set to take place this week in switzerland. that invitation affects syrian opposition groups, threatening to pull out of the talks. they want iran's invitation to be rescrinded unless the current president steps down. >> the last few days have seen intense di
Jan 22, 2014 6:00am EST
the sacrifices of veterans of the united states and republic of korea and the u.n. nations from around the world did 60 years ago. that is to be greatly congratulated. >> very good. other questions? right over here. >> good morning, gentlemen. i worked with two of you and his rate seeing you. -- and it's great seeing you. in the event of a crisis on the peninsula, that results in the korea,tervening in north you have the chance of the prc intervening as well. have intervened in north korea, how do you keep the alliance from unraveling in this situation because of differing perspectives on how prc intervention should be handled so that you cannot a compass the objectives both sides want? -- so that you can accomplish the objectives both sides want? >> the assumption there would be intervention may not be correct. first of all, i don't see the rok and the u.s. alliance unraveling. providing information and discussion with the chinese leadership before any event which lays out the intent of the event mightore the bettere, for lack of a description, and incursion into instability or
Al Jazeera America
Jan 19, 2014 11:00pm EST
even get started. just hours ago the united nations invited iran to the conference in switzerland but that upset syrian rebels who are threatening to pull out. the united nations wants the invitation suspended until it agrees that syria's president steps down. >>> shuttled diplomacy over syria. this was moscow last thursday. a meeting of friends and allies. russian hosting the iranian and syrian foreign ministers. the man from teheran that his -- making clear that his country was ready to go. the u.n. secretary-general made this announce. >> pledged that iran would play a positive and constructive roll in montreul. therefore as convenor and host of the conference i have issued an invitation for iran to participate. >> no sooner than that statement was made than it was greeted from the syrian national, confirming the snc decision to withdraw from the conference unless iran's violation was resinted. in istanbul, would talk to representatives of the syrian government under u.n. auspices. >> an absolutely majority voted for going to the negotiating table. and of course we are all aware th
Al Jazeera America
Jan 21, 2014 1:00am EST
. >> coming up, syria, roib and the united nations - -- iran and the united nations why a conflict among the three could hold millions of lives in the balance. terror tapes brings russia's ability to secure the olympics into question. our special producer is tracking stop stories. >> attorneys in south carrio slina found evidence that may clear a black teenager executed 17 years ago. what do you think: real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> is syria's best hope for peace since the violent conflict began falling apart in a public way. with peace talks to begin in switzerland on wednesday, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon announced he had invited iran. after an outcry from the u.s., saudi arabia, and the syrian opposition, he rescinded the invitation. will the peace talks survive this controversy days before the talks were slated to begin. joining us is p.j. crowley, former secretary of state for public affairs. great to have you on the show. w
Jan 17, 2014 7:45pm EST
position is stronger than ever. in his letter to the united nations this eerie and foreign minister minister will be leaving the debt delegation to geneva ii suggest the purpose of going to geneva ii us to fight terrorism and not discuss the political transition in effect he says some points in the invitation the syrian government received from the u.n. are quote in conflict with the legal and political position of the state of syria. sir my question is how can you expect to make progress toward a political transition at geneva ii it the assad governmengovernmen t does not even accept the purpose of the conference which is what it suggests? have you been in contact with a searing government over the past 24 hours to obtain an insurance that accepts the purpose of the meeting and doesn't the syrian foreign foreign minister's writeup mean that more pressure needs to be brought to bear on the assad government in order to make what akel headway? thank you. >> thank you very much michael. yesterday i addressed directly to revisionism of the syrian regime in its effort to try to divert th
Jan 16, 2014 2:30pm PST
trapped here for a month. civilians packed inside a united nations compound, the conflict taking on a bitterly ethnic dime engine. >> a younger generation is trying to cling on to something. , they are aol exams little old. that is because they have been disrupted by past conflicts. >> [indiscernible] i don't know how to feel about it. >> does it make it difficult to concentrate? >> very difficult. some brought their books but it is not enough for us. >> do you think the war will end soon? >> i don't think it will last long. that optimism does not extend to other parts of south sudan. school exams are hardly a priority. >> without access to food, shelter, or sanitation. is our plea. [indiscernible] >> across this country is not so encouraging. they are missing out on an education. >> a heat wave is continuing in the southern states of australia. the extreme weather conditions have sparked wildfires were temperatures reached 44 degrees celsius. open hashe australian been put on hold. weeding the list were gravity and american hustle. were surprises in the best acting category. neither
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 3:00pm EST
widespread the problem is, and the vatican sits down with with the united nations to discuss the situation. >>> today congress will be voting on the budget deal announced last month. the spending measure is expected to pass the house later this afternoon. the senate is due to vote on the bill later on this week. president obama is in raleigh, north carolina, where he unveiled his plan to boost the economy. the president named raleigh one of the newest high tech manufacturing hubs in the country. the attack on th bengahzi could have been avoided. the u.s. ambassador to libya was one of four americans killed in the attack, and the united states is anewing an additional pledge to the humanitarian aid tfor those effected by the syrin war. talk to al jazeera is next on al jazeera america. >> everything that we thought about the messiah was wrong. >> america attacked canada and canada chose to fight a guerilla war in response, you should put your money on canada. >> on "talk to al jazeera" you have heard riveting stories. >> i had many talks with nelson mandela. i never heard him say h
Jan 19, 2014 6:30pm PST
the united nations said he'll fit style for his asthma. are you upset on the end of conduct and teetered minister said. between thirteen and fifteen people and mostly for nina's took it but then that's not it sees going on in the btk. i bought a spokesman said. it was cute when children and students employed in the forty ministry said it could not confirm that tillman swing vote. state department spokeswoman jane sutton said none of the dead included us embassy stuff in common playing them or go home with much and i didn't see a thing of the dome of the novel the children listening to them. two days shooting of pc dinner time on friday evening they expect its income went into each hour. the jv what if i do too much of the street or so houses in the new baby of cons and business beetroot. the attack comes as more swollen forces of good things to be the finest on tcm. after looking at de quito for the coolest eu tax. some two hundred of goddess ryan seacrest and the support the stage at three ten blocks proof that it starts to protest the gents refusal to grant he can rest and see
Jan 21, 2014 7:59am EST
hear a briefing by the secretary-general of the united nations on his priorities were 2014. i take this opportunity to welcome secretary-general and the deputy secretary-general, and the cabinetry, and took spend all represented here today my warmest wishes for the new year. i would also like to express the appreciation of the membership for the secretary-general's readiness to brief member states on an annual basis regarding his priorities in the new year. as you all know, this practice of briefing members has been welcomed by assembly and its pronouncement on the revitalization of its work and reflects the importance of the role of the general assembly as the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organization of the united nations. i look forward to the continuation of this valuable practice in 2014. i now invite the secretary-general of the united nations, his excellency ban ki-moon, secretary-general. >> excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, happy new year to you all. i wish you and your countries prosperity and peace in the year ahead. i thank y
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 10:00am EST
the edge of collapse. an invitation for the united und nations to attend. it appears that the u.s. is trying to apply conditions. we have reports from tehran. >> ban ki-moon has finally invited iran to the party. a year and a half after the first syrian meeting in geneva. >> as convener as host of the conference i have decided to issue an invitation for iran to participate. >> reporter: russia' >> australia, indonesia, and many others. if there is no iran in this list then i think the peace talks will resemble a hypocrisy. >> reporter: but will iran attend? only if there are no pre-conditions. that means no requirement to remove bashar al-assad from power. crucially iran hasn't agreed to one main step outlined in the geneva communique from 2012 that a transitional governing body must be established with full executive powers and and will allow essential humanitarian aid to be delivered to affected areas. >> it is a sensitive issue and it will be continued for three years because some insist on a military issue. the main problem is extremism and sectarianism. >> reporter: they made
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2014 7:00pm EST
two days before they are scheduled to begin in switzerland, at issue. united nations last minute invitation to iran to join the talks. that has been withdrawn, by secretarsecretary-general of und nations, that upset to say the least the united states, syrian opposition, and saudi arabia. iran's well one of iran's regional rivals, and african president karzai -- afghan president karzai issued new demands if he is to sign a security deal, among his new demand that u.s. no longer carry out military operations or airstrikes in his country, andd@ resume peace talks with the taliban, which would raise the question, why would our troops there be? the iranian nuclear deal taking effect today with world powers, and the white house promising to begin easing sanctions in return for cutting the enrichment of uranium, iran will be able to retrieve over 4 billion in oil revenue frozen overseas, and resume trade in petro chemicals and gold and other precious medals. joining us, former pentagon official, fox institution news analyst ktmcfarland, first to extends an invitation gain the wishes of
Al Jazeera America
Jan 23, 2014 2:00am EST
nationals sentenced to die in the united states. two other mexican nationals have been executed in texas. in edgar tamayo's home town. protesters were marching the street, hoping to convince officials in texas to spare his life. this woman said "i believe it is unfair, he has been in prison more than 20 years." people that knew him say edgar tamayo turned violent after a bull stepped on his head when he was 17. the attorney said that never came up in trial nor his clemency appeal. if the consulate had been notified at the convention sets forth. they would have made sure that the representation was a professional one. >> in september, u.s. secretary of state asked texas to delay edgar tamayo's execution saying it impacts u.s. foreign relations as well as the country's ability to provide consular assistance. the setting of a date would be detrimental to the interests of the united states. is a spokesperson for the governor's office said texas complied with state law, telling al jazeera: >> this is in keeping with 2008 u.s. supreme court decision that only congress can compel a state to com
Jan 21, 2014 2:00am PST
, controversial inflight, international uproar over crucial peace talks. did the united nations bungle this delicate situation? >>> and caught on tape, a man survives an avalanche while filming it on his helmet cam. find out what he says about the ordeal. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that is able to see, to calculate, to think -- and can respond to what it encounters. ♪ even if that means completely stopping itself. it's the stuff of science fiction... minus the fiction. the 2014 e-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. when i'm training, i always listen to music. for the gym, it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical. and for jumps, i need something...special. so i use my citi thankyou visa
Jan 22, 2014 12:00pm EST
take this a drought as a stark warning of things to come. the united nations panel on climate change says we are 95% confident that human beings are changing our climate. as younow, oall ofth states, and even most ofth country's of theworl california ith leader in dealinwith climatechange 8032 t buildin andapplianc standards. portfolio standard and sport o vehicles californisleddingth way. nevertheless i terms o green houses gas ourbiggeschalleng remains in the amoun o the amount of gasolineou californians use.vehicl more than 14 billion gallons of gasoline to travel 330 also require that the countries with burn the most fossil fuel join with us. we started building the partnership with other states and countries like china. we'll go to mexico next. california can't do it alone. [applause] in so many other ways, california is a pioneer, we have 25% of the nation's foreign-born and the first state in modern times to have a plurality of families of latino origin. it's not surprising that california is the state where immigrants cannot only dream but drive legally. [applause] we're also
Jan 21, 2014 5:30am PST
united nations sexy general by the mayor said he invited ten additional comfort to the peace talks and one of them was iran. as i have said the pay tv. i believe strongly that iraq needs to be part of the solution to the scene in crisis. the sick the generals said he's been given assurances from senior iranian officials. iran would support the main aim of the geneva to talks mainly to set up a new transitional government. the condition that was laid out in the geneva won agreements that the us state department was not convinced and alston said the general's decision to invite iran saying in a statement. we remain deeply concerned about the wrongs contributions is sought regime's brutal campaign against its own people. if iran does not fully and publicly accept the job picking the nikkei invitation must be rescinded. so with the u s urging the un to un invite iran. key members of the syrian opposition threatening to pull out the sink the general was said to be caught allegedly considering his options. but the wrongs common mission to the un helped him to make up is money. lip readin
Al Jazeera America
Jan 21, 2014 6:00am EST
will not be taking part in upcoming syrian peace talks, why the united nations pulled the plug and the last-minute implication and the implication it could have on the talks. chaos increasing in the ukraine and demands from protests clashing with riot police in the streets. how delay in education is effecting students in one african nation. ♪ another round of bone-chilling cold and snow is set to arrive today in the midwest and northeast, temperatures are expected to go well below zero in minnesota and wi and michigan and up state new york are expected to see the worst of it with sub zero temperatures and feel the freeze as far south as florida. in washington dc where 8"s could fall all federal offices are closed and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy, the cold air won't be as dangerous as the blast we had a few weeks ago but many may feel some of the very same effects. >> two weeks after dangerously cold hit the nation a new wave of air is making a come back and temperatures will plummet to below zero in 11 states starting today through friday. with that cold scenes
Al Jazeera America
Jan 16, 2014 6:00am EST
possible they could have been avoided. >> tough questions for the catholic church. the united nations set to take the vatican to task for allowing priests to abuse children and looking the other way >> explosive accusations against air force officers in charge of nuclear missiles - why dozens have been pulled off the job for cheating on safety tests and worse. >> and a unique training facility that churns out future olympic champions. >> a blistering report on the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the 2012 attack probably could have been avoided says the senate committee. i'm stephanie sy. >> according to the senate report they failed to increase security. the attack was not a plot but an op opportunistic attack by several groups. for the first time we hear that ambassador chris stevens refused two offers to beef up security. tracy potts has more from washington. >> the senate intelligence report says the state department failed to act on mounting evidence that militants targeted the consulate in benghazi. >> the state department knew this was a violently part of the world, but f
Jan 17, 2014 2:30pm PST
their nationality, should know the united states is not spying on ordinary people who do not threaten our national security. we take their privacy concerns into account in our policies and procedures. this applies to foreign leaders as well. has ordered obama that spying on friendly foreign leaders should stop unless there is a compelling national security purpose. he has instructed the privacy of people at home and abroad should be treated with dignity and respect, and he will appoint an official responsible for civil liberties to work with agencies. the fate of the huge intelligence trawl exposed by edward snowden is far from clear. the president said the collection of bulk data must continue but not in its present form. there will be some curbs and report on a new way forward in 60 days time. then congress will vote. some are wary of change. >> we could take steps that if not carefully carried out could limit the flexibility and agility and speed with which we can detect and process intelligence material in order to prevent attacks, in order to disrupt terrorist activity.
Jan 22, 2014 10:00am PST
torture. the united nations issued the first report of the syrian revolution that started late summer of 2011. and there were multiple accounts of crimes against humanity. the secretary general of united nations, mr. ban ki-moon, he stated that assad is -- has committed crimes against humanity. so we are having reports from, you know, parties like the united nations saying that he committed crimes against humanity. he cannot deny that. at the same time, today, for example, assad's foreign minister stated that the west is actually helping al qaeda or the extremism. so this kind of statement would show you how much this regime lies, you know, and rhetorical about everything he says. the terrorism -- al qaeda it itself, we are the ones fighting al qaeda. the syrian people are fighting al qaeda. you know we are doing that in the north in aleppo, fighting this i.s.i.s. group, fighting two fronts, al qaeda on one front and the regime on one front. and both of them are actually terrorists. the regime is practicing state terrorism and al qaeda, of course, the extremists that you all know. so it'
Jan 21, 2014 2:30am PST
that conference in a lot of doubt. the united nations disinvited iran from the talks after rubble groups threatened to walk away entirely. the u.s. and other western nations had voices of protest. iran is one of the main military and financial supporters of the assad regime. the united states and european nations struggled with how to weaken the syrian government without getting directly involved in that conflict. more than 100,000 syrians have been killed since the fighting began three years ago. and millions are taking refuge in neighboring countries. >>> for now, iran's role in the syrian crisis will have no impact on the nuclear deal with the united states. tehran suspended part of the uranium enrich. program. as a result, the u.s. and other european nations have begun loosening economic sanctions on the country. both sides are hoping that this short term deal will result in a more permanent solution to iran's nuclear ambitions. >>> in the u.s., four people are dead and at least 18 more injured in two separate explosions in the plains. in omaha, nebraska, witnesses heard a lou
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